Cultural Analysis of “Boys Among Men”

Boys Among Men, a New York Times Bestseller, has an overview of how NBA players that were drafted out of high school had their own story and experience and changed the NBA. Written by Jonathan Abrams, the book was released was in 2016. The book displays a message that says, High School basketball players should attend college before going professional into the NBA. This period lasted from 1995-2005 where it was very popular and still talked about today. The biggest stars who were known for being drafted out of high school during that period were: Kevin Garnett(1995), Kobe Bryant(1996), Tracy McGrady(1997), LeBron James(2003), and Dwight Howard(2004). The book promotes the dominant ideology that going to the NBA out of high school is a big risk and without college, it would be hard to fall back on something for someone if something was to happen to them.

High school basketball players should be removed from high school 1 or more years before going pro because of many risks that would be taken while making the decision. Every athlete is not going to be a star but the big stars had their own success. My thesis explains how every basketball player is not guaranteed success when they skip college.