“The Man You Could Smell Like”

The popular Old Spice commercial: “The Man You Could Smell Like” was released on February 4th, 2010. The 30-second commercial has a muscular man as the main focus point talking about how you should smell like a man and not a woman, but you can only do that by wearing Old Spice. While the Old Spice commercial does break some stereotypes of what the perfect man is, it primarily reinforces damaging ideologies about expectations for men in American culture; because the commercial is saying that all men have to smell the same.

The commercial does reject the idea that the perfect man in America has to white and strong because in the commercial the main focus is an African American. However, the commercial promotes the stereotype that you smell like a man, and all of these great things happen to you. As seen in the commercial the man used old spice and he ends up on a boat with a handful of diamonds. Then right before the commercial ended the man says, “Stop smelling like a woman and start smelling like a man,” implying that all men in the world have one smell. The commercial also has a comedic manner to it so making fun of what the perfect man should be.

These ideologies of a perfect manare now used in many other commercial and not just body wash, such as Axe, Degree, Gillette, etc, The creators of these commercials get an attractive human being put the product in their hand and tell to tell other people to buy it on camera.