The Incredibles 2 and Breaking Dominant Ideologies

In The Incredibles 2, the main characters are the mom, the dad, the daughter, the son, and the infant. The main story is continued from the first movie where the family takes down a giant robot before it destroys the city. This film has followed the trend of breaking the stereotype of the “American dream” where the family functions well and the father works and the mother stays home. 

The mother is invited by some million dollar corporation to fight crime because the CEO believes superheroes could change the world. The movie breaks the ideology of the man being the breadwinner, and the mom staying home. The father is forced to stay at home with the kids. As the dad struggles to keep the kids on track with schoolwork and relationships the mother is out in the city saving people and fighting crime. While the mother is out she worries her husband is having trouble. At one point in the movie the dad cant keep track of the baby because he is teleporting around the house. This shows a stereotype of fathers being bad at managing home life

This movie breaks the dominant ideology of the mother staying home. The women being dominant also applies to the Hunger Games where the main character is focused on survival and is not worried about anything else.

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