Angels Are Everywhere

Chance the Rapper is a very popular musical artist based in Chicago, Illinois. He is a strong advocate from African Americans and the people that are struggling currently in the heart of the city. Chance produced his 3rd album in May of 2016, Coloring Book. This album won Best Rap Album at the 2017 Grammy awards and was an inspiration to many. A popular song that came out of the album, was ̈Angels¨. The song talks about Chance ́s life and the atmosphere in Chicago. His perspective is very positive and powerful revolving current ideas about Chicago about how African American citizens are presented as a threat.

The music video and song is going against the ideology that African Americans in Chicago are dangerous/unsupported. Chance and another singer, both of whom are black, talk about how  ̈I got angels all around me¨. This specific line in the song speaks about how Chicagoan may not the dangerous and demeaning people they are brought out to be. When Chance says, ̈Clean up these streets so my daughter can have somewhere to play,¨ he speaks about how everyone, no matter where they are from, all have the best intentions at heart. 

In conclusion, the song Angels, by Chance the Rapper is a true story to chance ́s perspective because it demonstrates the idea of how people are not these dangerous beasts living in Chicago. People are all trying to live life and raise their kids in a positive and safe world. However, it’s easy to look blindly at Chicagoans as very unethical and morally wrong. In this story, there is no moral and the point is that everyone is just living and surviving in the world but it may just be seen in different ways. 

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